Budget & Pro Forma
Our team seamlessly creates project development and construction budgets in coordination with the general contractor.

This is accomplished by creating a lease up pro forma for the owner and bank review, as well as developing deal structure options for review by the owner.

Equity & Lender Selection
In every RJ project, we work hard to assist the owner with investor relations.

This includes both investor identification and selection as well as Private Placement Memorandum (PPM). We, then, manage the investor relations process through signing and acceptance of the investors to the PPM, collection, and disbursements of capital contributions and securities reporting requirements.

We also assist the owner with lender selection and management of loan closing functions. This includes:

  • Investor identification and selection
  • Development of a Private Placement Memorandum (PPM)
  • Manage the investor relations process including signing and acceptance of the investors to the PPM, collection and disbursements of capital contributions and securities reporting requirements
  • Financing proposals for lender reviews
  • Lender term sheet comparison, evaluation and selection of lender
  • Insurance certificates
  • Contract consents and agreements
  • Plan/cost review
  • Title insurance
  • Review and provide feedback to owner on closing documents, including the loan agreement, guaranty, promissory note, pledge agreement and deed of trust
  • Financing negotiation
  • Entitlements & permitting

Entitlements & Permitting
Our highly skilled team works in partnership with the Architect assigned to the project to ensure best outcomes and that all client expectations are met. This process includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Assist Architect in design improvements and preparation of plans/specifications
  • Provide input to Architect regarding architectural, structural, mechanical, and electrical requirements
  • Engage and supervise the civil, structural, mechanical, electrical/geotechnical engineers, surveyors, environmental testing engineers and food service designers (as necessary)
  • Ensure that the design meets the overall program objectives, all remaining consistent with budget constraints
  • Provide cost analysis, value engineering, and constructability reviews and evaluate design alternatives
  • Negotiate all necessary agreements with public bodies relating to access, traffic, zoning and other necessary design and construction considerations
  • Manage and obtain all permits and approvals and attend all city/county meetings
  • Manage, coordinate, and contract for the professional services of surveyors, special consultants, and testing laboratories (as necessary)
  • Prepare project development schedule and construction schedule to include permitting, design, contractor selection and contracting, construction and leasing, occupancy and building start up requirements
  • Review and update the project development schedule as necessary
  • Close on the land and loan once the building permit and entitlement process is complete