Competition Analysis
A competitive analysis is a critical part of our marketing and execution plans. With our analysis, our clients are able to better establish what makes their product unique. Our primary goal is to position their product for long-term success. We are skilled in identifying new markets capable of sustaining new units by studying demographic trends, income trends, and the local economy. To execute this, we perform demand studies, pricing analysis, and competitor identification. We, then, analyze the data to clarify expected market penetration and absorption rates.
Land Search
Our skilled staff is able to locate land throughout the entire nation that accommodates our client’s business model. Once the right piece of land for the product is identified, we can then initiate, manage, and negotiate the entire land acquisition process.
Market Analysis
Performing market analysis is paramount to creating a successful business plan. We have extensive knowledge and understanding of the Seniors Housing industry (both previous and current), and we are able to assist clients on how best to approach any particular market.
Preliminary Demand Estimates
RJ Development provides comprehensive preliminary estimates for all types of Seniors Housing.After investigating the current supply and demand, we supply our customers with the knowledge necessary to make the most informed investment decisions.
[It is important to note that although we complete our own internal studies based on demand standards and years of experience, we always recommend a third-party demographic demand analysis for both bank and investor purposes.]