At RJ DEVELOPMENT  our goal is to facilitate growth so that you have the freedom to focus on your business. We have the ability, knowledge, and experience necessary to manage the development and construction process from visualization to completion. Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Demand analysis
  • Budget and pro forma creation
  • Deal structure
  • Securing investors and financing
  • Site selection
  • Real estate development
  • Experienced CPA oversight
  • Construction and draw process management
  • Loading the building
  • Licensing process management

We make it our mission to finish each project on time, on budget, and on purpose. We are committed to providing unmatched value and delivering results every step of the way.

Ron Hastie, Partner & President

Ron has been a practicing CPA, general contractor, and land developer for over 30 years. In 2006, at the prompting of friend, Aaron Koelsch, Founder and CEO of Koelsch Senior Communities (KSC), Ron redirected the efforts of RJ Development (RJ) to Senior Housing to facilitate and support the growth plans of nearby KSC. RJ has developed over 30 properties to date for KSC alone, along with assisting various other senior housing operators with development and acquisition efforts. Ron’s roles today at RJ, among other things, include: Initial Development Project Financial Modeling and Feasibility Assessment ultimately integrated into Project Budgets and Pro-formas; Project Capital Structuring including the development and integration of Equity and REIT Partnerships with project Operators/Sponsors; Initial Building Programming and Concept Design to maximize market opportunities such as high barrier to entry urban settings; Existing Building Acquisition and Repositioning Design and Financial Modeling to assess an acquisition potential; and most importantly, the daily support of all of our amazing team members with both practical and technical guidance. Ron is on the Board of Directors of a regional financial institution and is on the Board of Directors of a university in the Pacific Northwest. Contact:  [email protected].

Jeff Yates, Partner & Vice President

Jeff joined RJ Development in 2007, bringing focused managerial and development experience from his background as the Operating Partner for a multi-unit restaurant franchise. Jeff attended Oklahoma Christian University where he completed his bachelor’s degree in 2003, as well as his MBA in finance in 2014. In his current role, Jeff oversees the daily operations of project development, including: new market research, land selection, equity and lender relations, entitlements, budget and pro forma creation, construction oversight, and licensing. Over the years, Jeff has demonstrated a consistent track record at RJ Development by efficiently delivering projects from start to finish on time and on budget. Jeff and his wife Amy have three teenagers and volunteer on the board of a local private school. Contact:  [email protected]

Austin Groves, Senior Project Manager

Austin acquired valuable experience in the construction and housing industries prior to joining RJ Development. Austin gets charged up and a kick out of helping businesses grow and exceeds at finding land and growth opportunities for RJ Development’s clients. Austin assists in many aspects that truly builds RJ Development’s value for our clients including monthly construction bank draws , communicating with Commercial Real Estate Brokers, acquisition and site Due Diligence, coordinating with Architects and Engineers to deliver value driven results for our clients, among a host of other ongoing details that add value to what we deliver. With the ability to clearly communicate needs and create meaningful relationships with our team, city and state department heads, Austin brings substantial value to the team. Contact:  [email protected]

Caleb Perkins, Project Manager

Caleb became part of the RJ team in September 2015, relocating from Dallas, Texas. Before joining RJ, Caleb practiced law for five years in the DFW area representing local governmental entities in property tax matters where he frequently negotiated and reviewed contracts, performed code research, and interacted with clients. Caleb also brings six years of experience as an escrow officer at a title company where he reviewed real estate contracts daily and created efficiencies that increased throughput and benefited customers. At RJ, Caleb plays an integral role as a Project Manager, including evaluating land uses, municipal codes, purchase and sale agreements, and state licensing statutes. In his free time, Caleb enjoys spending time with his family and exploring the Pacific Northwest. Caleb is also a licensed attorney in Washington State and earned his PMP certification in 2019. Contact:  [email protected]

Frank Durocher, Project Manager

A native of southern California, Frank brings an extensive background of work experience that easily translated into assets for RJ Development when he joined the team in 2017: professional IT consulting and project management in software development has equipped him with experience managing workflow and timelines, mitigating risk factors, and communicating effectively to individuals in every facet of the industry. Additionally, Frank spent several years designing, installing, and implementing low voltage solutions in commercial buildings and custom home developments. After relocating from southern California in 2014 and serving as RJ’s IT department for a couple of years, he has transitioned into another Project Management role while doing everything in his capacity to aid the other team members as well. Frank still loves exploring with his family what the Pacific Northwest has to offer: friendly people, clean air, the vivid outdoors with green landscapes, and coffee! Contact:  [email protected]

Steve Singer, Project Manager

Steve joined the RJ team in January 2019. Prior to this, he spent over 6 years managing a fast paced and successful fitness center in the Olympia area. While there, he sharpened his customer service, communication, and managerial skills while leading a team of 20 employees. Steve enjoys the process of working with clients, City officials, and the architect and engineer teams to find win-win solutions on each unique project. He is driven, motivated, and strives to be efficient in all aspects of getting projects across the finish line. Steve is a Washington State University grad and a Tumwater, Washington native. In his free time, Steve loves to spend time outdoors with his family and friends playing sports, running, hiking, camping, or at the beach. He also strongly believes in giving back to the community and has therefore volunteered as a coach, church leader, and with various non-profits over the years. Contact:   [email protected]

Ronnie Hastie, Project Manager

Ronnie is an Olympia, WA native and joined RJ Development in 2019 as a Project Manager. Prior to coming to RJ Development, Ronnie completed his education at Northwest University in Kirkland, WA where he completed his Masters in Business Administration and a double-major undergraduate degree in Finance & Accounting and Marketing. Growing up in business, Ronnie got the taste of the real estate field in his youth and has never looked back. Now formally participating in the field, Ronnie’s passions at RJ include finance and project management. Additionally, Ronnie enjoys serving strategic needs through enterprise risk management on a project and company level. In his free time, like many northwest natives, he enjoys the outdoors, music, and football. Contact:   [email protected]

Tyler Burbidge, Site/Market Research Mgr.

Tyler joined the RJ team in January of 2018 while completing his bachelor’s degree in Community Development and Planning at the University of Washington. Prior to the completion of his bachelor’s degree, he studied Geospatial Analysis and International Relations at Brigham Young University. Tyler also gained professional experience with a local municipality in the Urban Planning, GIS, and Public Works fields. These areas of study, along with management experience in the international nonprofit and customer service sectors, have equipped him to manage RJ’s ongoing search for real estate opportunities for its clients. Tyler works to provide RJ’s clients with opportunities that fit seamlessly into their overall vision for growth. This includes work in initial market identification and analysis, conducting preliminary site due diligence, compilation of marketing materials, and collaborating with commercial real estate agents to begin and carry out transaction negotiations. Outside of work, Tyler enjoys cycling, whitewater rafting, and snowboarding with his family. Contact:   [email protected]

Vicki Kelly, Project & Admin. Assistant

Vicki joined RJ Development in April 2015 as a Project and Administrative Assistant. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Accounting from Lewis-Clark State College. Previously, she accrued 26 years of experience as a staff accountant in the medical and non-profit industries. Vicki brings her experience, knowledge of Excel, hard work, and dedication to RJ Development to assist with budgeting and pro forma creation, invoicing, monthly construction bank draws, demand studies, analysis of information and various project assistant tasks. Vicki enjoys spending time with family and friends and likes to be active in outdoor activities such as gardening, walking, hiking, and horseback riding. Contact:  [email protected]