What We Do

<a href="http://rjdevelopment.com/project/pre-development/">PRE-DEVELOPMENT</a> PRE-DEVELOPMENT

Our pre-development services include market identification, market analysis, preliminary budgets, securing land, and more.

<a href="http://rjdevelopment.com/project/development/">DEVELOPMENT</a> DEVELOPMENT

Our development process includes obtaining entitlements and permitting, managing the architects, engineering, equity lender selections, building permit insurance, and more.

<a href="http://rjdevelopment.com/project/construction/">CONSTRUCTION</a> CONSTRUCTION

Our skilled team tackles the construction process from start of construction to receiving the certificate of occupancy, loading the building, and obtaining the operating license.

<a href="http://rjdevelopment.com/project/post-construction-lease-up/">POST CONSTRUCTION / </br>LEASE UP</a> POST CONSTRUCTION /

Our post-construction / lease up services include a final accounting audit, smooth transition to the operator, lease up draw support, requests for information as needed, and more.

<a href="http://rjdevelopment.com/project/conversions-2/">CONVERSION</a> CONVERSION

We assist clients by converting existing uses into more product types (i.e. converting an assisted living wing to a memory care wing). This process could include development, construction and licensing activities, and more.

<a href="http://rjdevelopment.com/project/remodeling-repositioning/">REMODEL</a> REMODEL

Sometimes a fresh face can give an older building new legs. The remodel process often includes development, construction/licensing activities, and more.

<a href="http://rjdevelopment.com/project/asset-purchase/">ASSET PURCHASE</a> ASSET PURCHASE

Our experience in all facets of development, construction, finance, and transaction management can benefit our clients who are looking to grow by purchasing existing buildings.